Vietnamese National Independence Day 2/9

Everyone learning Vietnamese knows that September 2nd, 1945 is an important landmark of Vietnamese. This is the day our country was liberated; the day that marked a new era of Vietnam and its people. Since then, every 2nd of September, most of Vietnamese people will have a day off to get together with their family and friends – as a way to commemorate our ancestors’ victory and sacrifice as well as respect the freedom that we have today.

The origin of the day tracks back to the year of 1945. Over thousand years being dominated by enemies, liberation is every day Vietnamese’s dream. September 2nd, 1945 was an establishment day of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and is also considered the National Independence Day. On this day, president Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, officially claiming the sovereignty of Vietnam from France and Japan.

As a typical National Day, Vietnamese has a day-break from work. Walking down the street, you can easily catch a glimpse of Vietnam flags displayed everywhere, coloring the whole city in red and yellow – the colors symbolling our independence and banners of celebration. Many activities are organized on this day, such as: fireworks, marches and so on. Many Vietnamese individuals make good use of their day off by travelling to somewhere or visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ba Dinh Square. While you are studying Vietnamese in HCMC, traveling to these historical places will help you know more about our history.

September 2nd is truly a special and important day for the whole Vietnam nation.

VLS Team.


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