Learn Vietnamese Online – Travel: Tây Ninh

Tây Ninh is a potential province with many advantages to become a remarkable tourist area. While you learn Vietnamese, a trip to Tây Ninh will broaden your knowledge about our country, which will help you improve your Vietnamese faster.

When coming to Tây Ninh, you should try Trảng Bảng rice spaghetti and savor the flavor of Tây Ninh’s famous shrimp salt which is produced using a unique local recipe. This salt is the first thing people will tell you when you mention this beautiful province.

The spot that attracts tourists the most is Bà Đen mountain, which connects with a myth about a faithful woman. There are three ways to conquer this mountain: going on foot, using cable car or using a system of slides. On your way, you can visit and go shopping in the huge area at the mountain’s foot.

Another famous tourist attraction is Tây Ninh Holy See. The most specific trait about this place is its garden full of blooming flowers and its marvelous architecture. It is also famous for the sacredness of Phật Mẫu temple and the beauty of its forest which is the home of hundreds of ancient trees.

Dầu Tiếng lake together with some small islands from far away sketch a beautiful picture. You can also experience locals’ activities such as fishing, enjoying fresh seafood or taking part in competitions on the water etc.

When you are already tired with jogging and joining different activities, you can give yourself a rest in Chàng Riệc forest by listening to birdsongs, enjoying the fresh air and the green cover of grass all over the place. This is also an ideal place for campfire or competitions testing bravery.

Tây Ninh is only around 100 kilometers away from Hochiminh, which is appropriate and exciting enough for foreigners studying Vietnamese in HCMC to make a trip with motorbikes there on the weekends. The journey is a fine way to end an endless working week and start a new lively one!

VLS Team.


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