Learn Vietnamese Online – Bà Đen Mountain

Bà Đen Mountain, also known as Black Virgin Mountain, is a part of Núi Bà Complex in Tay Ninh, Vietnam. The mountain’s name originates from a myth about Bà Đen – a local deity of Khmer. This destination is famous not only for its myth, but also for its beautiful landscapes. Foreigners especially those studying Vietnamese in HCMC should go and discover this mysterious mountain.

According to the tale, once upon a time there was a young pretty woman, whose name was Ly Thi Thien Huong, fell in love with a soldier. She was a beautiful girl with lovely tanned skin, hence, people called her Bà Đen since (which means “tanned-skin lady”). While her husband was away, she was forced to marry a rich arrogant man in the village. In attempt to fight back, she committed a suicide by jumping off the mountain edge to protect her virginity. The locals felt sorry for such a faithful girl’s destiny, they named the mountain after hers. When she was alive, Ly Thi Thien Huong had done many good deeds. Therefore, it is believed that when she died, she still helps and supports other living people. Hence, people from all around Vietnam love going on a pilgrimage to Bà Đen temple and wish good things for themselves and their loved ones.

Black Virgin Mountain is the highest one in Núi Bà Complex, which comprises of three mountains: Pig mountain, Phoenix mountain and Black Virgin mountain. This place attracts many tourists for its majestic natural sceneries and holy temples. Visitors can hike up trails, take cable car or gondola ride to the top of the mountain.

When you take one step back and look at Black Virgin Mountain from a distance, it looks like an upside-down bowl lying in the middle of a green cover of grass and trees everywhere. Many caves here have been turned into worshipping places by monks such as Thanh Long Cave, Ong Ho cave, etc. At 996 metres, the mountain is regarded as the “roof” of Southeast of Vietnam. Tourists can also enjoy Tay Ninh’s agricultural specialties here: banana, cashew, custard apple and other delicious local dishes: fried lizard and boiled snail. They sound creepy but the taste of them will be beyond your expectation!

Black Virgin Mountain is a great destination to begin a journey through Vietnam. The chilly weather, the fresh air along with amazing local food will give you an unforgettable memory during your studying Vietnamese  in Vietnam!

VLS Team.


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