The special “Cơm tấm” of Saigon

There’s an interesting story that explains why Saigon people usually have breakfast with rice – a strange habit to people in other regions. At first, they thought it was too hard to eat rice in the morning, causing severe indigestion. But since they tried “Cơm tấm”, they changed their opinion. Gradually, eating “Cơm tấm” in the morning has become a habit of Saigon people, and slowly, today they now choose “Cơm tấm” as the best breakfast for them to start a new long day to work and to study.

Up to now, Saigonose can eat “Cơm tấm” not only for their breakfast but also for lunch and dinner, they rather try to eat it before coming home late in the evening.

Today, we suggest you to try “Cơm tấm” at 2 out of the 4 best restaurants: Ba Ghiền, Cơm tấm Phan Xích Long.