What should you do if you are invited to a meal/party at Vietnamese house?

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When will you be invited?

Vietnamese usually invites their family, friends or colleagues on those occasions and also what you should bring along:

–    Birthday (anything you want to give to the host).

–    One month/ one year after giving birth to a child to celebrate one-month old/ 1-year-old birthday of the child (Kid’s clothes, money (above 500.000VND).

–    When they move to a new house or apartment. (money(above 500.000VND), picture, households items, flower bouquet).

–    When they get promotion at work. (flower bouquet, picture).

–    When their children get accepted into college/ university. (money (above 500.000VND)).

–    When they get married. (money (above 500.000VND).

–    When their family has death ceremony (fruit, drink).

But remember not to bring:

–    Banana

–    Chrysanthemum flowers

Because those are for the death-worshipping.

What should you do when arriving and leaving?

1.    Greet older people present first. And don’t forget to say goodbye to them before you leave.

2.    Normally, you will not be mad if you come with empty hands but if you want you can bring fruit, cakes or flowers.

3.    You might want to leave your shoes outside as in Vietnam, people traditionally sit, rest and eat on the floor and the street is a dirty place, so the solution is to exchange your own footwear for some flip-flops or your bare foot. Even if your host says politely that you can keep your shoes on – don’t do that!

4.    You may still be having a good time when midnight strikes, but don’t stay for too long. And look out for the hints that the party’s over even if it’s still early like 9 pm.

The hints may be:

–    Everyone has left.

–    Your host exclaims how late it is.

–    Your host’s spouse/ children have already gone to bed.

–    Your host/ host’ spouse starts cleaning or sweep the floor.

And don’t stay even if the host look surprised says: “Oh, you leave now?” if you say you want to leave.


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