Văn hoá Việt Nam: Chơi xổ số – Vietnamese culture: Playing lottery

Lottery sellers are everywhere in Vietnam, more in the South. You can see them wandering on the streets trying to sell out all the tickets before 3 pm everyday. The lotteries are run by Vietnam’s 63 provincial governments, with daily prizes from 100,000VND up to 2 billion VND. Each ticket is sold at the rate of 10,000VND. The lucky numbers are announced at/from 4 pm.

Here is how to play Vietnamese lottery:

Learn Vietnamese in Saigon - lottery

First, we will see the 3 important indexes in the lottery (which are circled in the image above):

1.    Province. In the picture, it’s Tiền Giang.

2.    Date. In the picture, it’s 06/05/2018 (6th of May)

3.     And the most important index is the numbers. In the picture, it’s 960682.

Second, one lottery ticket has 6 digits. The result will be shown in the resulting book of lottery sellers, lottery stalls or you can easily watch it online here: https://www.minhngoc.net.vn/xo-so-truc-tiep/mien-nam.html

The below picture is the lottery result  from Tiền Giang province on May 6th:

Vietnamese language school in Saigon - lottery result.PNG

8th 100.000VND: The last 2 digits of the ticket are 37 and yours is 82 => Fail.

7th 200.000VND: The last 3 digits are 386 and yours is 682 => Fail.

6th 400.000VND: The last 4 digits are 9605, 6995 and 2270, yours are 0682 => Fail.

5th 1 million VND: The last 4 digits are 1684, yours are 0682 => Fail.

4th 3 million VND: The last 5 digits are 54380, 82874, 67586, 63497, 32057, 13779, 46003, yours are 60682 => Fail.

3rd 10 million VND: The last 5 digits are 24278, 74885, yours are 60682 => Fail.

2nd 15 million VND: The last 5 digits are25270, yours are 60682 =>Fail.

1st 30 million VND:  The last 5 digits are 51333, yours are 60682 => Fail.

Special prize 2 billion: The 6 digits are 192854, yours are 960682 => Fail.

There is 2 other prize for almost winning the special prize (giải an ủi – comforting prize):

1.    50 million VND: Get the last 5 digits of the special prize, for example, 292854

2.    6 million VND: Get 1 digits different from the special prize, for example, 193854


But if you won a Vietnamese lottery, where to exchange the ticket to money?

If you won the 8th or 7th prize, you can exchange the money with the lottery sellers.

If you won the 6th to the 3rd prize, you can exchange at the lottery stall

If you won 2nd,1st or special prize, you can exchange at the gold store (find the big gold store) or big lottery stall like Minh Ngọc…


–    You might want to keep the lottery ticket clean and safe (untorn).

–    The winning tickets can only be exchanged within 30 days.

–    The prize will be awarded by cash or bank transfer.

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