Vietnamese beauty: The Fascinating Vam Sat Ecological Garden

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Around 50 kilometers from the heart of Saigon, Vàm Sát Ecological Tourist Site is where tourists may admire untapped scenery and experience services associated with local daily life. The tourist site can be reached by car, high-speed boat or bus.

Vàm Sát is in the heart of Can Gio Mangrove Forest, a world-recognized biological reserve endorsed by UNESCO in 2000. The highlight of Vàm Sát is Tràm Chim.

Tràm Chim, covering 602.5 hectares, is home to 26 bird species. From April to October is the birds nesting season so this is the perfect time to stand on the 18-meter-high watching tower to witness an extremely lively natural scene of thousands of birds at sunset.

Going fishing on the Vàm Sát River at night, catching fish by bare hands, rowing basket boatare also interesting activities to do here.

–  By Anh Dat  – 


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