Ending particle: …+ nhỉ/ha

Learn Vietnamese online: …+ nhỉ/ha

Nhỉ/ ha are ending particles, used after a spoken word to express judgment:

– Đẹp nhỉ! (beautiful, isn’t it?)
– Vui quá ha! (fun, isn’t it?)
– Chán nhỉ!(boring, isn’t it?)

or indicate intimacy, gentle in the question:

– Anh ấy có đến không nhỉ? (Will he come?)
– Em có điện thoại không ha? (Do you have a phone?)


1. NHỈ is used by Nothern people and HA is used by southern people.
2. Southern people also use HEN/HENG instead of HA.
Cái váy này đẹp hen? (This dress is nice, isn’t it?)
Mua cái này heng?(How about buying this dress?)



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