Learn Vietnamese Online – 5 Things You Should Know About Visiting Vietnam During Tet

We create this guide as a special early gift for those visiting Vietnam during the New year, in the hope that upon leaving, many will say “I am glad…”.

Tet is coming, soon – we say that every year when November hits. Even though the Lunar Calendar varies from year to year, Tet often falls somewhere between mid January and mid February – which means that it is coming in no time. And just as Walmart starts being loaded with Christmas decorating items and gifts as early as late October (well, Halloween has not even passed yet), elsewhere in the world, Tet is already in the conversation of Vietnamese people 2-3 months ahead of the real date. Some remind that the year is almost over, others are expecting a new one will better weather and economic condition.

Note: This year, Tet will be from 14/2 till 21/2.


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