Vietnamese beauty: Mộc Châu in springtime

Posted: Thursday, December 28, 2017

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Must-go destination in next year’s spring – Mộc Châu

For those who are expats living and learning Vietnamese in Vietnam, we suggest a wonderful place to travel in this spring. It’s Mộc Châu, a northern province of Vietnam, 180 km away from Hà Nội.

If you come to Mộc Châu at February or March, it is at its most dazzling in the springtime. When rays of golden sunshine warm the highlands, apricot and plum blossoms cast their gauzy white veils all over the forests, mountains and hamlets. The blossoms’ sweet scent fills the air. Bright green leaves from a stunning contrast to the green and white flowers.

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Under the topaz skies of mild-afternoon, people and nature seem at peace. Stilt houses stand beside trees thick with blossoms. Smoke rises from fires in cramped outfits resemble playful butterflies. Red-cheeked children play with spinning tops in small front courtyards.

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At dawn and sunset, Mộc Châu is especially enchanting. While travelers come and go, this region’s beauty stays lodged in their hearts.

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By Pham Duc Anh


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