Learn Vietnamese online: Đột ngột

Posted: Monday, December 18, 2017

Learn Vietnamese online – Live in Vietnamese

In Chinese, “Đột ngột” has 2 meanings.

The first one is “cao chót vót” (towering).  In this case, “đột” means “higher than the surroundings” and “ngột” means “raised”.

Ví dụ: đột ngột đích sơn thạch (núi đá cao chót vót – the towering mountain).

However, “đột ngột” in Vietnamese doesn’t have this meaning. The second meaning is “xảy ra bất ngờ” (accidentally) and is being used in Vietnamese. In this case, “đột” means “fast, surprised” and “ngột” means “raised”.

Ví dụ: Thời tiết thay đổi đột ngột. (The weather changed accidentally)

Source: Ngôn ngữ magazine


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