Vietnamese culture: Tré – a speciality of Huế

Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Learning Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City – Live in Vietnamese

Tré is a Huế specialty dish which is famous for its long and elaborate preparation. Tré has gone through a long journey and over the years, has transformed into a well-known part of life for Vietnamese people.

The making process of Tré is different from that of Nem or Chả. The ingredients are a variety of cooked taste. To make a tasty Tré, you need to simmer the beef until it absorbs hints of Nước Mắm and the sweetness of the sugar. The bacon needs to be well fried and should have a golden color on the outside. Then, the meat from pig’s head is cleaned then boiled. Other herbs like galangal are then washed. All of these ingredients will be cut into thin shreds and mixed up with minced garlic, oil, sesame, and seasoning.

Part of the character and uniqueness of Tré comes from the fact that the dish is made by hand without the help from any machines.


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