Phuc Loc Tho – The village of ancient chalets of Vietnam

Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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The village is the home for a collection of ancient wooden houses of Vietnam and hundreds of unique antiques.

Located in downtown Tan An, Phuc Loc Tho ancient village has a total area of about 30,000m². It is recognized as a tourist site with the largest number of old wooden houses with the most diverse architecture in Vietnam by the Vietnam Record Book Center. The construction of this village began in 2006.

The ancient village Phuc Loc Tho fascinates visitors by ancient houses with 22 classic architectural wooden houses representing the architecture of the North, the Central, the South and the Central Highland of Vietnam.

The ancient village is divided into two distinct zones:

–          The first one is the 15 bungalows, which has 5 pillars homes in western style, using special wood. The largest number of columns is 114; at least 36 among them have ancient and marvelous architecture. The interior is decorated very diverse, including sculptures: four components, eight weapons, bird, willow…

–          The next zone is a house in Middle Vietnam style, bearing the royal appearance. 6 other houses remain wooden stilt houses, unique style of Highland. In each house, there are many items on display, precious ancient objects from the daily life of kings, military agencies, landowners, farmers, such as carriage, telephone, phonograph, cups, ivory… to the spiritual objects of Vietnamese culture.

–          Also, in Phuc Loc Tho ancient village there is a temple modeled on the One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi.



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