Vietnamese culture: The original name of some provinces and towns in southern Vietnam (part 4)

Posted: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Learning Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City – Live in Vietnamese

The original name of some provinces and towns in southern Vietnam (Part 2)

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The name of places can come from the characteristic of a place or an area for people to work for a living:

This is the most popular way to name a place. As a habit, in order to talk about a place which hasn’t had a name, people usually use a popular characteristic of it to call. For example, Chợ Cầu means “the market (Chợ) near a bridge (Cầu)”, people also give some other characteristics to the bridge, and gradually, the name has become the one for a larger area around the market and the bridge.

Those name “Chợ Cũ” (Old Market), “Chợ Mới” (New Market) are very popular in everywhere. In Saigon, we can find an area name “Chợ Cũ” on Ham Nghi Street.

“Chợ Mới” in An Giang is also an example, it has even become the name of a district of An Giang Province.

In HCMC, we have “Chợ Lớn” (Big Market) and a bit further from “Chợ Lớn” geographically, we have “Chợ Nhỏ” (Small Market) in Thu Duc District.

The names of markets are also distinguished following:

–   Kind of goods which are sold most from the very first time of the market’s foundation, for example: “Chợ Gạo” (Rice Market) in My Tho, “Chợ Búng” (it should have been “ Chợ Bún” – Noodles Market) in Lai Thieu,“Chợ Đũi” (Tusso Market) in Saigon.

–   Name of the founder or of the owner of the market (the owner of the market is the person who collects the market’s taxes): “Chợ Bà Chiểu” (Ba Chieu Market), “Chợ Bà Hom” (Ba Hom Market), “Chợ Bà Rịa” (Ba Ria Market).

–   “Chợ Giữa” (Middle Market) in My Tho, “Chợ Cầu” (Bridge Market – the market near an iron bridge) in Go Vap District, “Chợ Cầu Ông Lãnh” (Mr.Lanh Bridge Market) in Saigon.

To be continued…


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