Learn Vietnamese: Hơi bị…

Posted: Monday, August 7, 2017

Learning Vietnamese online – Live in Vietnamese

Every era needs new words that fit the time; similarly, young Vietnamese have developed new words online and in the workplace that reflect new meanings. For example, the word “hơi” has a slightly negative meaning.

One could say hơi xa (a little too far), hơi mắc (a little too expensive)

Similarly, “bị” is used in front of words describing unexpected or unfortunate situations such as bị bệnh (sick), bị la (be shouted at), bị tai nạn (get into an accident).

However, interestingly, young Vietnamese have combined these two words into a positive word. Nowadays, you can hear  teenagers and young adults using the word “hơi bị…,” which now means “really (adjective).”


+ Chị mua đi. Giá như vậy là hơi bị rẻ rồi.

+ Ừm, món này hơi bị ngon đấy.

+ A: Chị thấy em hôm nay sao?

B: Áo đầm mới hả? Trông hơi bị được đấy.


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