Vietnamese culture: Fun facts about Sài Gòn (P.2)

Posted: Thursday, July 13, 2017

Learning Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City – Live in Vietnamese

Reading previous part: part 1

3. Old and new street address

According to an old naming rule, if one side of the street on the right is addressed with an odd number, then the opposite side (on the right) will have an even number and vice versa. However, when local governments or new policies change the address(es) on a street, the order and number of the opposite side of the street are also changed. Meaning- one side of the street can have odd and even numbers, confusing matters. Or even worse, on the very same street, within 1km, there are two same numbers. Sometimes, the only differences are the wards.

Source: Internet

4. “Do you pass through 9 districts when going from district 1 to district 10?”

Nope! These two districts are only 5 km from each other.

District 1 is close to District 3, yet 8km far from District 2.

Source: Internet

District 8 and District 9 is 32 km far from each other. Likewise, if you want to go from District 9 to District 12, you have to cross many different roads. The fact is, the numbers of the districts has nothing to do with their location in the city.

To be continued…


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