Vietnamese culture: Đuông dừa – A specialty of South Vietnam (Part 2)

Posted: Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Learning Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City – Live in Vietnamese

Previous part: part 1

The arguably easiest dish to eat is grilled đuông. In this dish, Đuông dừa is clipped between two bamboo nets and slowly grilled over the hot coal until they turn golden brown.After this, the larvae are rolled in many types of vegetables and dipped into sweet and sour tamarind fish sauce. The people of Bình Định also soak them in fish sauce before powdering and deep frying them to eat with tomato and lettuce.

The best complement for deep fried đuông and grilled đuông is dry mild Vietnamese rice wine or some shots of chrysanthemum wine- not the rice brandy with high alcohol content. Đuông is also usually eaten slowly and rarely combined with other side dishes. According to Vũ Bằng, no matter how you eat your đuông dừa, tasting the đuông dừa needs to be disciplined and should not disregard the rules. Because đuông dừa is a delicious and very rich dish, it is said that it can not “co-star” with any other food; you have to have đuông dừa plain, not with any veggies, overwhelming sauces, or meats.

In general, đuông dừa dishes are all rich and have a delicious aroma. For that reason, gourmets food experts all over the world consider coconut đuông the specialty of Vietnamese South.


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