📖 Student’s essay: Hoạt động hằng ngày

This is a role-play essay of Kevin. He had a bad experience with the phone robber recently. Therefore, he created such a funny conversation between a police and a suspect.

Through this post, VLS also wants to send a message to all the expats who are learning Vietnamese and living in Ho Chi Minh City: Though Vietnam is a beautiful country with lots of friendly people, yet some of them are not. As Vietnamese has a saying: Cẩn tắc vô ưu (better safe than sorry).

👮 Police: Please, What do you often do on the weekend?

👨 Duy: On Saturday, I usually wake up early at 5:30 to cook breakfast for my grandparent, then in the afternoon I drink coffee at Cà Phê Bệt.
👮 Police: After that?

👨Duy: I like to ride my motorbike in District 5. Sometimes I stole mobile phone. Sorry! I sometimes buy mobile phone.
👮 Police: Oh God…

Learn more Vietnamese online at http://bit.ly/2gCdZsG


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