4 hot cafés reminiscent of “childhood” in Saigon (Part 1)

So you are living in Saigon, well-known as the most bustling place in Vietnam. If you get the time, it’s not a bad idea to escape to a cafeteria, like those from your childhood, to throw yourself back into memories of playgrounds and innocence. How to accomplish such a task? Surprisingly, your answer may lie in a café.
⚡ Let’s check out these vintage coffee shops below:
1. Café 81 (216B Nguyen Van Nguyen, District 1)
Upon arrival at this café, its as if guests enter a time machine and return to their childhood. There is an old-fashioned wooden table over here, children’s books over there, and snacks that were bought secretly, when no ones parents were looking.
➡ Continue reading at http://bit.ly/2mFjfi6


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