Vietnamese Language in Pictures: Trạm xăng/ Cây xăng – petrol station

Today we will learn Vietnamese through the signs in a petrol station.

In Vietnam, a typical transaction at a petrol station often goes like this:
Customer: “Cho 50 ngàn nha”/ “Cho em đầy bình nha” (“Can I get 50 thousand?” / “Can I get a full tank please?”)
Petrol station attendant: (Often says nothing back and just does their magic)
So next time you pull up at a petrol station and feed your xe máy, simply tell the attendant how much money you will give them, or that you want a full tank instead of the number oflitres. You will sound like a local!

This is how they are written in Vietnamse:



And this is what they mean in English:

Hope this will help you know what to do at a petrol station in Vietnam!


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