Impressive Presentations in Vietnamese by CET students

Today, 5 CET students delivered their final presentations about the experiences of learning Vietnamese. With all the excitement, each student presented their family, their friends in Vietnam, their own thoughts and feelings about how they have learned Vietnamese in the past 2 months at VLS and the opportunity to know more about Vietnamese culture as well as travel around Vietnam.

Samantha introduced her family and her life in Ho Chi Minh City to everyone. Her most favorite dishes are Bánh Cuốn and hủ tiếu. She like Nha Trang the most because there are a lot of beaches in Nha Trang.

During the time being in Ho Chi Minh to learn Vietnamese, Annika misses her family and her pets the most. She also had the chance to travel to some famous places in the North such as Hà Nội, Mai Châu, Sapa..

Grace expressed her happiness about her time in Ho Chi Minh, especially when she has a good Vietnamese roommate named Vy. Apart from learning Vietnamese at VLS, she worked at ICS, an organization which supports and helps the LGBT community to integrate with the local community. She also grateful to her teacher, Ms. Tâm, for the things that she has learned about Vietnam in the past 2 months.

Vivian is a Vietnamese American and her goals when coming to Vietnam is to speak Vietnamese fluently and explore more about Vietnamese culture. She is now the manager of a declamation club at America consulate and an intern at ICS with Grace.

Due to her major at the university, Tố quyên especially cares about the environment issue when in Vietnam. Different from other students, she didn’t present her family nor her friends. She informed us how Vietnam is impacted by environmental pollution and the solutions.

Their teachers at VLS were really proud with all of their presentations and with how much knowledge and understanding of Vietnamese language and culture the students have gained during their short time in Vietnam. This is a huge encouragement for VLS to keep on the job of bringing Vietnamese and Vietnam’s culture to all the international friends.



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