Vietnamese Language in Pictures: Biển hiệu – Sign

  • Điểm tâm means Breakfast.
  • Bún bò Huế and Bánh ướt chả are two common dishes for breakfast in Vietnam.
  • is the unit for a loaf of bread (Bánh mì) or a cake in Vietnam. Ex: 1 ổ bánh mì, 2 ổ bánh ga tô(cake – bánh kem/ga tô)..
  • Heo quay means roast pork.
  • Cơm trưa means lunch. Vietnamese people usually eat rice at lunch so instead of saying “bữa ăn trưa” which is lunch in English, they say “cơm trưa”.
  • Bình dân originally means “common people”. However, in the phrase “Cơm trưa bình dân”, it means “reasonable price”. Together, “cơm trưa bình dân” means “lunch with reasonable price”
  • 1 phần means 1 serving


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