Half-day field trip “Be a Saigonese” with VLSAlbumsHalf-day field trip “Be a Saigonese” with VLS

A lot of fun and memories were made that day! Mr. Bill (aka Anh Bảo) said: Anh đã sống ở Sài Gòn 3 năm rồi, nhưng đây là lần đầu anh được trải nghiệm cuộc sống như thế này” VLS hopes to see you guys in our next field trips! Cảm ơn mọi người rất nhiều! See more pictures here http\://vlstudies.com/vn/photos–videos/photos/half-day-field-trip-be-a-saigonese-november-12nd-2016/138/1 In a fresh Saturday morning, we gathered at Phú Nhuận Park to begin a journey of “transformation” into a truly Saigonese. The life of a Saigonese begins with a delicious bowl of hủ tiếu in a small stall located in a quiet alley of Sài Gòn. There is none of vehicles but the lively life of the resident here. Hủ tiếu Nam Vang’s origin is from Cambodia but Vietnamese people had found their ways to make it become their own Sài Gòn’s taste. To make that unique flavor, the broth (nước lèo) must be simmered for over 8 hours straight. The ingredients include: grilled sugar cane, dried squid, dried shrimp, turnip, grilled onion, pig’s bones… All of these create a unique flavor which is naturally sweet without using any MSG (aka monosodium glutamate). The bustling sound from the nearby market attracted us. In Vietnam, there are many types of markets. It could be a place where hundreds of stores get together or it could be just 5-10 ladies get together everyday offering what they get from homes such as banana from their gardens or meat from their own livestock. Besides, this will be a good excuse for the ladies to meet others and chatter. This is the reason why the markets in Vietnam always sound bustling. The opening hours could be limited to 2-4 hours in the early morning or in the late afternoon. After finishing our task which is “buying the ingredients for a typical Vietnamese’s meal”, we stopped at a traditional fruit stall on the side of the street. The owner, who is an old lady with a beautiful smile, whole-heartedly presented each kinds of fruits to us. And then, we gathered at a coffee shop to discuss and share all the experience we had gained from the journey that morning. This is for sure that every one of us understood more about Vietnamese language and Vietnam’s culture by joining this interesting half-day field trip.


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