tam cam

Tam Cam – The Untold Story: A blockbuster of Vietnamese fairy tales?

Based on the “told” story of Tam Cam, the fairytale that every Vietnamese must have already read, Tam Cam – The Untold Story’s traditional origin was infused with little modern spirits to become a great movie and suitable for young people.

The movie still keeps the same plot as the original fairytale, the orphan and kind Tam had to bear the torture of her step-mother and evil sister. Even though she luckily met and married the Prince, she still had to go through hell to live happily ever after.

The first point was given to the movie for its beautiful scenes of villages, the countryside, and the magnificent palace. Ninh Binh, Long An and Dong Nai were stunning on screen. From the house of Tam and her step-family to the grand and magnificent palace, everything is set up to its tiniest details perfectly.

With the appearance of the war in the movie, Tam Cam – The Untold Story also invested a lot in horses, weapons and costumes for the actors. The extra was always full in big scenes like the wife selection party for the prince as well as in the Chinh La war. As a result, all the big scenes were imposing and very life-like.

And of course, the movie is successful not only by the scenes and the costumes but also by the suitable actors.

Playing the role of the main character – the one that has been in the minds of Vietnamese for generations – although Tam (played by Ha Vi) did not have many scenes for her inner feelings, she was still a little bit strained. But her sweet and simple beauty, along with the smile that “lights up the movie”, saved her a few points. The image of a kind, innocent and gullible Tam was drawn successfully on the screen.

Was originally assigned the role of Tam, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc asked for the role of Cam to challenge her acting. And she successfully turned herself into the cruel and evil step-sister like what we have read in the fairytale. From her facial expression to her cold look, they all scared the hell out of the audience. It is obvious that she played her role perfectly.

Playing the role of the step-mother and at the same time being both the director and producer, which is probably why Ngo Thanh Van did not appear much in the movie. But she made her mark with her sharp tongue and the look that gave the audience “goosebumps”. The step-mother was not only evil but also remarkably beautiful, sometimes even more beautiful than her daughters.

The screenplay did a good job fixing the nonsense details in the original fairytale. However, the dialogues, especially those in the palace, were a little inappropriate in the ancient scenes. Besides, the “special” identity of the prime minister was not necessary and unrelated to the plot.

Despite its minor mistakes, the movie crew has made a great effort bringing a famous fairytale out on the movie screen. One thing for sure, comparing to Thach Sanh, the other fairytale movie, Tam Cam – The Untold Story has made way better improvements.

Source: http://vlstudies.com/vn/news–events/learn-vietnamese-online/tam-cam-%E2%80%93-the-untold-story-a-blockbuster-of-vietnamese-fairy-tales/966/1


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