Learning Vietnamese: Vocabulary Game – Interact to remember

How to remember new words and the correct ways to use them quickly and effectively while having fun? How to smoothly continue a conversation when you cannot remember the word?

Interactive games such as word guessing like the one in the video below can be the answer. In facts, after years of using games in Vietnamese language classes at VLS, we recognized that these games not only help our students learn quickly but also enhance their language skills to interact immediately and confidently in real life conversation. Many people already know that, if a speaker don’t know the exact word, they can describe it or find another way to deliver their ideas to keep a conversation going. However, to do it successfully we actually need skills and ability to react, think fast, and understand the practical implication of words. And a game like this is a way to practicing and improving the skills to thrive in such situation.

Let sneak in a class of Lin Lin, a Thai student, to see how she could play and learn at the same time.

This game was used to help Lin Lin review the words she have learnt in the previous lessons. She has to explain the words to her teacher and her teacher will guess the words. By playing this game:

–           Lin Lin can remember the new words and feel excited for the next classes.

–          The teacher can check if Lin Lin really know how to use each word correctly rather than remembering its equivalent in English.

–          Lin Lin can sharpen her skills of using alternative and different ways to describe and communicate an idea or message.

If you are learning Vietnamese, you can try this method with your friends and let us know if it works for you.

VLS Team


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