vietnamese studies net mending

Learning Vietnamese: Art & People – Life through the lens of Lý Hoàng Long

In this lesson, you can learn names of some places in Vietnam and gain knowledge about an outstanding Vietnamese photographer.

Lý Hoàng Long, a self-taught Vietnamese photographer, has won numerous international and national awards such as Gold medal at Digital Master Circuit 2004, Winner of 2015 Travel Photographer of the Year, UPI Gold medal in The 8th Emirate Photography Competition, Documentary Award of Humanity Photo Awards 2013 Beijing.

But when his name and his artworks are mentioned, awards winning and increasingly popularity is not the aspects would come to my mind. The ways his images convey stories and ignite imagination is what leaves such a long lasting impression and dreamy satisfaction.

Net mending (Đan Lưới) by Lý Hoàng Long was chosen as the cover of the book “Rarely Seen” published by National Geographic (the Netherlands and Belgium) and won CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year in England. The picture was taken at a factory in Bạc Liêu province, Southern Vietnam.

Bamboo fishing basket (Người chở đó tre) was featured on CNN as one among finalists 2015 Travel Photographer of the Year competition. The pictures was taken in his visit to a traditional craft village in Hưng Yên Province, Northern Vietnam.

Long’s art works show his main interest in capturing people he met and daily life in Vietnam and different parts of the world. Because he prefer improvisation to arrangement and finds the topics offer the most diverse and surprising elements.

Mui Ne sand dune (Cồn cát Mũi Né), Bình Thuận province, Central Vietnam.

Portrait 08 (bức chân dung số 8) by Lý Hoàng Long.

To introduce himself as a photographer, Long said “the technique and concept of photography might be changed from time to time, but the only thing will always exist and will never change is our optimistic vision. Life is always looked much better while being seen via the view finder, so, just press the button and let the images tell the stories.”


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