Bánh Chưng & Bánh Tét: May you know their meaning and their origin?

Bánh Chưng & Bánh Tét – Traditional food for Tết holiday. May you know their meaning and their origin?Vietnamese Language Studies will help you find out!
• Bánh Chưng: the only cake have long history in traditional Vietnamese food, Bánh Chưng has a special place in the consciousness of the community and its origins may back to the legend related to Lang Lieu’s prince on Hung King 6th. In addition, emphasizing the importance of wet rice civilization.

• Bánh Tét: it is produced by the interaction of different cultures in the South. In particular, it is decisive of Cham culture with religious beliefs “erotic”. Bánh Tét shape is iconic Linga. It is not just the new year dishes but also contains Yin Yang theory, marble with five colors: green leaf cake (pineapple leaves, leaves dong or banana leaves), yellow of green bean cake, two red, white of bacon and black pepper mixed in green beans or marinated meat bread.

Because this cake is made and consumed during Tết (the Vietnamese new year), therefore it is called “bánh Tết”. After a long time, the name for this cake is pronounced slightly different into “bánh tét”. However, there is one more way to explain the name for this cake, the “tét” in the food’s name literally means “sliced” or “split”, possibly referring to the fact that it is served in slices.



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