Binh Lieu – the second Sapa of VN

Binh Lieu mountainous district of Quang Ninh province is likened to ‘Sapa’ in northern Lao Cai province with similar climate, landscapes and culture of ethnic minority groups.

Terraced fields, ranges of hills and mountains, waterfalls and small hamlets make Binh Lieu look a gorgeous village.

A path leading to the peak of Ba Lanh

Bumper crop

Yellow season

More than 90% of local people are ethnic minority. Binh Lieu is home to special cultural festivities like Soong Co and San Co folksong singing festival and Luc Na festival.

Ancient houses in Binh Lieu

Dao Thanh Y ethnic minority woman

Flowers in blossom embellishing the village

Smoke rises from the village in late afternoon

Hoanh Mo Border Gate

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