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Co To Island attracts tourists with its peaceful, quiet and unspoiled beauty. You will feel truly free when you set foot on this paradise.

Located near Ha Long Bay, Co To is a favorite destination of many tourists. To go to Co To, you have to stop at the port of Van Don to buy boat tickets. If you go early, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful sunrise.

At the wharf of Van Don, visitors can engage in trading activities of local fishermen in the early morning.

The majestic natural scenery of small and large mountains.

The charm of the island of Co To is spacious, romantic and unspoiled nature. You can swim at the beaches of Bac Van, Van Chai, or Hong Van.

You should rent a motorcycle to visit the lighthouse at a height of over 100 meters above sea level. 

From the lighthouse, you can see the panorama of Co To with mountains, sea and the neighboring small islands.

On Co To, you should not miss the moment watching the sunrise or sunset on the horizon.


Tourism on the island is developing. The local residents are very friendly and gentle.


You are advised to try fresh seafood on the beach.


Source: Vietnamnet

VLS Team


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