Learn Vietnamese Online – Saigon’s special advertising style

Many shops do not use advertising signs or display commodities in HCM City but rather hang special signs on the sidewalk as a way to identify their goods and services.

This form of “advertising” is mainly used by small service providers. In the photo is the “icon” of a motorbike repair shop.

Tires are hung up on a stick on the sidewalk of Tay Thanh Road in Tan Phu district. The motorbike repairman is hiding from the sun in a corner. Although they cannot see the repairman, passers-by still know that there is a motorbike repair shop here.

A paper hopper plugged into a hole of a brick – the side of a retail gasoline point.

Both motorbike repair and gasoline selling service at one point, on Truong Chinh Street, Tan Binh District.

What are sold here? Poultry – because the sign is chicken feathers put into a hole of a brick.

On major roads, car drivers often see empty 30-liter plastic containers hung along the road. It is the sign of oil selling points.

This sign appears a lot along highways.

The sign of a bet (sitting on the floor) cafes are pieces of cardboard and newspapers around trees and on the grass. This form of cafes is available around the Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, 30/4 Park, Turtle Lake …

This is the sign of key for key makers.
The empty plastic bottles and beer cans dangling along the road are the sign of beverage shops.
This is a sign for helmet repair shops.



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