Learn Vietnamese Online – 10 must-see landscapes in Ha Giang

Besides the fields of buckwheat flowers, there are many tourist attractions that visitors and foreigners learn Vietnamese should not miss when they come to the rock plateau of Dong Van, in Ha Giang province.

Bac Sum Slope is a big challenge and also the first destination in Dong Van.

Co Tien (Fairy) twin mountain is a famous landmark in Quan Ba, which is located on the road to Dong Van, about 40 km from Ha Giang town.

Yen Minh pine forest is the next destination, about 100 km from Ha Giang. This is an ideal place for taking photos.

Through Yen Minh and Pho Cao, you will arrive in Lung Cam Valley, the home to the unique Tuong Trinh houses of the Mong people.

The Palace of Vuong family is also a destination not to be missed in Sa Phin valley.

The rock “forest” along the winding roads in Ma Le Commune amazing. This is the route leading visitors to the northernmost point of Vietnam in Lung Cu Commune.

Climbing up through hundreds of stairs to the top of Rong (Dragon) Mountain you will reach the Lung Cu flagpole, where you can also enjoy the panoramic view.

Dong Van ancient town is surrounded by mountains

Dong Van fair opens every Sunday morning, showing the unique culture of ethnic minority people.

Ma Pi Leng Pass is the most beautiful and famous road in the rock plateau.

Coming here once, you will want to return the second and the third time to discover Dong Van thoroughly.

Source: Vietnamnet



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