Learn Vietnamese Online – Walk on the seabed in Vietnam’s Nha Trang, why not?

A seawalking service offered in Nha Trang City has captured the great attention of tourists since it was launched in March this year.

The service allows tourists to walk on the seabed in Nha Trang Bay, located in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa, and behold richly-colored coral reefs and schools of fish through the glass of the astronaut-like helmets.

Trip takers will have the chance to gently touch the swimming fish without spooking or scaring them off.

What seawalkers need for such a trip, which lasts some 15 minutes, is an oxygen tank and a specially-designed helmet.

The helmet weighs up to 40 kilograms but gives the seawalkers the feeling of bearing the weight of merely four kilograms while walking underwater.

Seawalking helmets are cleaned on a daily basis. 

Guides will accompany tourists on their trip, which brings them a rare chance to admire and feed schools of fish and coral in close proximity, and pose for photos in a sea expanse of around 50 square meters.

Elderly people, kids, and those who cannot swim are all welcome to enjoy the experience.

Such seawalking strolls cost VND800,000 (US$37.3) each.

The service adds a perfect delight to tourism in Nha Trang Bay, which is endowed with crystal-clear sea water and stunning coral, Kinh remarked.

The service is offered on Hon Mot Islet in Nha Trang Bay

A diving specialist (right) is seen demonstrating to tourists basic maneuvers before allowing them to take their seawalking strolls. 

Wearing a 40-kilogram helmet underwater initially gives seawalkers an eerie sensation, which they will gradually get used to.

A tourist from the southernmost province of Ca Mau expressed her wish that she could go seawalking forever

Progress is sluggish on the seabed due to high underwater pressure, and seawalkers need diving specialists to accompany them to take the strolls

A diving specialist took photos of some seawalkers to help capture the moments of their special experience

Source: Tuoitrenews

VLS Team


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