The ‘fenced’ market in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, there is a market at which all trading and exchange activities have been done through the bars of a two-meter fence.

The “fenced” market, nicknamed so by local residents, is situated at Pou Yuen Industrial Park in Binh Tan District. By learning Vietnamese further, you will know this market is called as “khu chợ hàng rào”.

With a length of the fence stretched over one kilometer, trading and exchange activities here are always busy, especially in the late afternoon. Buyers at this particular market are mainly industrial workers because at the end of their work shift, they often gather along the fence to buy food and other essential items.

It looks uncomfortable as all trading activities are done through the small bars, but the plus is that this market offers a wide range of cheap goods. However, since trading is banned in this area, vendors are often worried about having their goods seized by local authorities.

A woman and her daughter look at glasses sold in front of Pou Yuen Industrial Park in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Products at the “fenced” market in Binh Tan District are suspended on bars
A vendor at the “fenced” market runs away to prevent his goods from being confiscated by authorities
The “fenced” market bustles with trading activities in the late afternoon as industrial workers finish their work shift.
Workers buying jackfruit at the “fenced” market in Binh Tan
Uyen Nhi, 5, follows her mother to sell goods at the “fenced” market in Binh Tan
A vendor smiles happily as he ends his day without having his goods seized by local authorities
Source: TuoitreNews
VLS Team

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