VLS 21-year Anniversary Ceremony

This year marks VLS’s 21-year anniversary of teaching Vietnamese language and culture to foreigners. There’s no better time than this occasion for VLS to celebrate our 20-year milestone and to welcome our new journey. At VLS, we believe that life consists of journeys after journeys.  Taking the time to reflect between journeys gives us better insights and awareness to move forward to even higher goals and accomplishments.

On 20.11.2015, we successfully organized our 21-year anniversary and also celebrate Vietnamese teacher’s day 2015 at EdenStar Hotel. We were honored to have more than 100 distinguished guests from different countries around the world to come and celebrate with us. The event is where we reflect our 20 –year journey and show our appreciation to our students, teachers and partners for walking with us on our chosen path. It would be impossible without your continued support. Here are some beautiful moments on our special day.

Each individual of VLS understands the importance of this event, that’s why we all contribute to it with full effort for more than a month, and we are proud that the anniversary did deliver the message to everyone.

Mrs. Võ Thị Thanh Bình ( 3rd person from the left) and VLS managers & staff

Some of our beloved students from SAMSUNG….

… and many small kids who are currently studying at VLS also come to celebrate with us.

More than 100 distinguished guests from different companies and countries come and celebrate VLS 21-year anniversary

Quan Họ music

Our MC, anh Bão (on the left) and anh Bắp.

Mrs Bình’s opening speech that sums up our 20 years development and our next 20 years’ vision.

Little Talks performed 2 songs “Freefalling” and “No Diggity”

VLS’s teachers are the crucial element of VLS’s success.

VLS’s excellent teachers.

The play ” The legend of betel and areca”

Adam McDonal, Business Development Manager of À Ố Show, is trying his first betel and areca.

The song “60 năm cuộc đời”, performed by George and his friend.

Lucky Draw session

Our first winner

The song “Niềm tin chiến thắng” performed by VLS teachers and staff

VLS’s tree, where you can share your feelings and thoughts about VLS. It will nurture and help the tree grow.

A group photo with everyone.

On behalf of Mrs Bình, VLS team would like to say thank you to everyone for coming and celebrating this important 21-year anniversary with us. We were really happy and proud to have you as a companion on our journey to teach and share Vietnamese language and culture to people around the world.

VLS Team


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