Learn Vietnamese online – Hoa sua in bloom throughout Hanoi

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From the beginning of autumn, every street in Hanoi is blanketed with the fragrance and white colour of hoa sua (milk flower), creating a peaceful and romantic atmosphere in the capital.

Milk flowers blossom in front of the ancient Hanoi Cathedral.

Hoa sua (Milk Flowers) are planted everywhere in the capital.

Foreign visitors in Hanoi enjoy the fragrance of milk flowers.

The streets of Hanoi, adorned with the beauty of milk flowers, have inspired many poets, writers, musicians, photographers and fine artists.

Nguyen Du street is beautified with the white colour of milk flowers.

Quan Thanh street is also covered with the iconic milk flowers.

Branches of milk flower blossum beside the Hang Dau water tower, highlighting the ancient beauty of Hanoi’s streets.

Milk flowers in Trich Sai street, along the edge of West Lake.

Many streets along West Lake are lined with milk flower trees.

In the cold air, milk flowers are silhouetted against West Lake.

Fallen milk flowers, like tiny white spots on the streets, create a romantic setting.

Despite the busy atmosphere every day, the fragrant flowers contribute to a relaxing atmosphere in Hanoi.

Source: Vietnamnet


VLS Team


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