Learn Vietnamese Online – The beauty of lakes in Northern Vietnam in autumn (photos)

Autumn has always been an ideal time for travel, as both the weather and landscape are beautiful.

Vietnamese Language Studies introduces photos taken in Vietnam’s northern province of Lao Cai, depicting the stunning charm of its lakes, including La Luoc and Phin Ngan in Bat Xat District.

Scenes of fishing and the daily lifestyle of residents in the beautiful autumn sunset would undoubtedly appeal to any traveler who may accidentally visit the place.

La Luoc Lake covers an area of around six hectares, situated in the center of Bat Xat Town.

It will be turned into an ecotourism destination which allows tourists to go sightseeing, walk, fish, and enjoy local specialties.

Phin Ngan Lake covers an area of around four hectares.

La Luoc Lake in the morning

The beauty of Phin Ngan Lake in the afternoon

Sunset on the lake

Two people of the Red Dao ethnic minority fishing in the evening

Read more at: http://www.vlstudies.com/


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