VLS’s charity fieldtrip to Đồng Kèn Elementary School.

It was a hot Sunday morning on 27.09.2015, 40 people, including staff, students and teachers and friends gathered at Vietnamese Language Studies office and prepared for the big day ahead. It has been nearly a month since we started our charity program to Đồng Kèn Elementary, to help these underprivileged children. Since then we have received lots of donations and support from donors, VLS’s friends and various organizations that contributed to the program. More than 300 presents were prepared, including gifts for poor families at a local area.

We started the trip at 8:45 and headed toward 1A highway. After a “morning exercise” (carrying gifts from 4th floor to the ground), we started by introducing our names and where we come from, and had some small games, so everyone could get to know each other better.

Around 11:45, we arrived at Mã Thiên Lãnh Lake. It’s a small but very beautiful lake located behind Bà Đen Mountain. After many years of rock harvesting and raining, finally the lake was formed and maintain its shape until now. We also had a group picture here, before we headed deeper into Tân Châu province and finally Đồng Kèn Elementary School.


It took about 45 minutes from Ma Thiên Lãnh lake to Đồng Kèn Elementary School. The road condition was quite bad, because it has been raining for several days before the trip already. It was fine when we went on a cement road, but when we reached Đồng Kèn, there were only red soil and dust. Obviously our bus struggled alot to get through, but we made it somehow at the end.

The first activity was distributing gifts to 60 poor families in Đồng Kèn. They are Cambodian families that live near Vietnam and Cambodia border. Most of them are workers for local firms, some are fishermen. Generally, their lives are quite hard and they have to struggle alot, just to survive.

After that, we came back to Đồng Ken Elementary School and started our main event, here are some recaps of the show.

Our MC introduced VLS to Đồng Kèn students and teachers

Some of VLS students also participated into the play named ” The man and the tree on the Moon – Chú Cuội ngồi gốc cây đa”

It was about 250 students gathered together to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival

Giving presents to students


Thầy Sơn – Principle of Đồng Ken Elementary School and Miss. Vân – COO of VLS, gave presents to poor families.


After celebrating Mid-Autumn festival, we headed to Dầu Tiếng Lake, the biggest lake of SEA, released “hoa đăng” and made our wishes there.

This is one of Cao Đài temples in Tây Ninh. This religion worships god’s eyes and they believe that every god (Budda, Jesus) should be worshiped by everyone. They divide this religion into 3 levels: The 1st level is god’s eyes, the 2nd level are Budda, Jesus, Mother Maria, the 3rd level are other religions that are not so popular, but still available somewhere in Vietnam.

We got back to VLS around 10:00pm. Everyone were tired, sleepy, but we surely got lots of feelings and experience after the fieldtrip.

On  behalf of VLS, we would like to thank you to everyone for participating in the fieldtrip. We hope to see you guys soon in our next event.

VLS Team


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