CET Program – Cultural Immersion Program

It has been nearly 2 weeks since CET Autumn Program’s students came to Vietnamese Language Studies and started to experience their lives in Vietnam. Of course learning Vietnamese at VLS is part of the program, but we always wonder, what else they usually do in their free time?. Today we ask one of them about things they usually do while staying in Hochiminh City.

We had a small chat with Daniel, one of our many CET students about his life in Vietnam. He was very impressed about the lifestyle of Saigonese, and he really enjoyed it. He usually spends his free time going around the city with his friend, by walk or taxi and explore the city in the evening. He even has many short Vietnamese phrases in his phone, so he can use it when using taxi, and taxi drivers actually understand him whenever he speaks in Vietnamese. Daniel is also a rock music lover, and he loves to listen to some Vietnamese rock music from “The Wall” band.

CET Academic Program and VLS have been partners for more than 15 years. We have successfully trained hundreds of college students from different countries. Sharing the same mission, cultural immersion, we both aim at helping students to break out of the bubble and immerse themselves into the host culture.

Meanwhile, we hope these students enjoy learning Vietnamese at VLS.

VLS Team


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