Learn Vietnamese Online – Beauty in ruins: abandoned church on Vietnam beach

If you love to learn Vietnamese and travel around this beautiful country, try out around 120 kilometers from Hanoi – there us the ruins of a church on a beach in Nam Dinh Province which are appealing to many tourists.
The beach is located in Hai Ly Commune, Hai Hau District. In the past, the location of the beach was home to many small and large churches.
As time went by, seawater encroached on the beach and damaged these churches. This one church, which survived the encroachment, has been abandoned since 1996.
The ruined church on the beach is now a popular destination for wedding photo ops. It has the best view during dawn and dusk.
Tourists enjoy watching not only the church but also fishing activities of local people here.

Photos provided by Meo Gia.

VLS Team


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