How to make Vietnamese Moon cakes?

Moon cakes are traditional Vietnamese pastries that are made during the Mid Autumn Festival, which is celebrated in Vietnam, China and other countries in Asia. Moon cakes are usually round and cointain a sweet filling. Today, besides learning Vietnamese from Vietnamese Language Studies, you will learn how to make this type of cake at home!


For covers:

300g wheat flour
40g vegetable oil
5ml Potassium carbonated (nước tro tàu) – Buy at Vietnamese Markets
200ml sugar syrup

For mixture on top of cakes:

2 yolks,10ml water

For fillings ( 8 cakes with 150g per):

100g roasted water melon seeds
100g roasted almond
100g candies lotus seeds
100g candies pumpkin seeds
50g ginger jam
8 yolks of salted eggs
100g roasted peanut
Lime leaves
150g mixture grease + sugar
100g sausage
5ml sesame oil
5 flavors flour (ngũ vị hương)
10ml distilled pomelo drops
Salt, sugar syrup, oil
Soft moon cake flour
Moon cake patterns.

Making sugar syrup to add into cover cakes:
Step 1: Add 1 kg sugar into 1 litter water, stir well.
Step 2: Put on cooking stove, cook until it boils
Step 3: For helping to keep moon cakes longer, you add more lime juice into pot and continue to cook more than 5 minutes and turn off the heat.

Making fillings:

Step 4: Mix all ingredients for fillings together.

Step 5: After mix all ingredients of fillings together, continue to add this soft moon cake flour and knead well.

Step 6: Separate into small cubes.

Step 7: Clean gently yolks of salted eggs. Soak them into mixture white wine with some sliced ginger then bring to steam.
Making covers:
Step 8: Pour wheat flour into big bowl, add oil, nước tro tàu and sugar syrup on the center. Knead gently.

Step 9: Separate into small cubes equally. Roll thinly and add filling with 1 yolk of salted egg on the center and cover it well.

Step 10: Spread a little oil around moon cake pattern edges. Next, put one by one moon cake into pattern and push firmly, especially around the edges. Then, strike strongly to get moon cake out of pattern.

Step 11: Mix 2 yolks with 10 ml water.
Step 12: Set up the heat of grilling stove about 200 – 210 degree in 4 – 6 minutes before grilling cakes. Arrange moon cakes on tray added oil; bring them to grill in 5 minutes. Next, put them out from grilling stove. Then spread mixture yolks on top and bring to grill again in 3 – 5 minutes. When moon cakes turn brown yellow, turn off the heat and get them out.

You basically finish one of amazing Vietnamese food from us. Beside of this filling, you can make grilled moon cakes with mung bean fillings (bánh trung thu đậu xanh nướng) or any bean you love. Vietnamese language Studies wishes you luck for your cooking.

VLS Team.


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