Banh quai vac: Vietnamese Crispy Dumpling

Banh Quai Vac, also known as Vietnamese Crispy Dumpling in English, is one of the most popular specialties of Bac Lieu province. As you learn Vietnamese in Vietnam, if you have the chance to travel to this city, you can easily catch a glimpse of this dish anywhere. The flavor is irresistible once you try.

Crispy Dumpling has its origin in Bac Lieu. However, because of its tasty flavor, Quai Vac cake has many versions in other regions of Vietnam: Banh Goi as it resembles a pillow, Banh Xep as how it is folded and Banh Quai Vac because it looks like a handle of a cauldron.

The wrapper is made of flour which has already been mixed with essential spices such as salt, sugar, powder. The center includes minced pork and vegetables. Then, fold the wrapper and the center to create a half-moon shape for the cake. After that, we heat it until it has a yellow color and the wrapper looks crispy. Banh Quai Vac and dipping fish sauce is a great combination that will make your heart melt from the first bite!

Vietnamese Language Studies hopes during your stay in Vietnam, you can have the opportunity to try Banh Quai Vac to know more about Vietnamese cuisine.

VLS Team.

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