Learn Vietnamese Online – Delicious vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi

Fasting has long been familiar to many people. Someday, when you feel bored with dishes made from meat, you should take a try in vegetarian food for new flavor. These are some place suggestions, which Vietnamese Language Studies believes are not only suitable for locals’ appetite, but also for foreigners’.

1.Hoa Linh Vegetarian Restaurant

The restaurant is situated in 71 Linh Lan Street. There is a golden brown sign right outside the door, which makes it stand out from other nearby houses, buildings and creates a warm atmosphere for guests to enjoy the food.

Hoa Linh’s menu is diverse with only simple ingredients: vegetables, beans, mushrooms… The dishes are processed carefully and clean. They delight even the pickiest guests. While waiting for the food, you can also enjoy the meditation music here.

2.Khai Tuong Vegetarian Restaurant

There are many good diners on Kim Ma street, the most outstanding one is Khai Tuong Vegetarian Restaurant which is at number 112.

The place is spacious and airy. The decoration layout here is simple but subtle, which creates comfort for the guests. Khai Tuong is most famous for dishes made from mushrooms. However, they also serve other dishes such as fried noodles, ginger cabbage soup, fried seaweed … for the needs of guests.

3.Truc Lam Trai

This place is not just a normal vegetarian restaurant, but also a place where people come to ease their mind, or preferably be alone. Truc Lam Trai locates in 39 – Le Ngoc Han, Hanoi.

The dishes here are carefully selected and processed. From appetizers to main dishes and desserts, the foods are delicious. You can try its special mixed soup of many different strange tastes of vegetables and brown-rice water, which are considered Truc Lam Trai’s specialties.

4.Nang Tam

Nang Tam is the first vegetarian restaurant to appear in Hanoi, which is located at No. 79A – Tran Hung Dao. Although located on a busy street, it does not seem to be affected. This is probably due to its hidden position in the alley, the guests must park their cars somewhere else and walk in.

Born in 1995, this place is popular with many people, including foreigners. Therefore, it is hard to find the peaceful atmosphere here like in other vegetarian restaurants. On the other hand, you can have the opportunity to exchange culture knowledge with many people here.


Comfortable is the feeling of the guests coming here because of the bright color tone used here. The place is decorated in a modern style, which is the reason why it is mostly favored by young people.

There are various dishes to choose here. You can select some typical dishes at Homefood like fried rolls, vegetarian spring rolls and brown rice tea as a gift for your family and friends.

Fasting can be regarded as a specific trait of Asian. It is a good idea when you learn Vietnamese in Hanoi and want to know more about our culture to try a vegetarian meal and enjoy how strangely delicious it can be.

VLS Team.

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