Learn Vietnamese Online – Đinh Lễ book street

If you are tired of many bookstores with fixed- price for all kind of books,Vietnamese Language Studies;recommends you to Đinh Lễ; Street in Hanoi, where you can find almost any books you like with lower prices.

Đinh Lễ is a small street near Hoàn Kiếm Lake, it is always crowded. With thousands books of all kinds, Đinh Lễ Street is considered to be one of the biggest bookstores in Hanoi. You can also find books that are no longer reprinted.

Not only attracts people by its huge number of books, this place also has books with various topics. You can find here Vietnam literature, foreign literature, science books, language books and so on.

Ms Mão, who lives near there said that customers with all kind of ages came here to buy books for their learning and working. Others came to buy books for relaxation. Sometimes, foreigners visited and bought books because of their curiosity.

You can park your car or motorbike at Tràng Tiền center then go on foot to Đinh Lễ Street. Apart from books, you can enjoy famous ice cream there, named Tràng Tiền.

If you love books and have a chance to visit Hanoi, try to come to this book street in order to experience the interesting atmosphere there. In addition, you can also find very useful Vietnamese books if you study Vietnamese or want to know more about our country.

VLS Team.

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