Learn Vietnamese Online – Happy day going to school

When you study Vietnamese in HCMC, you will know that in the next two weeks most of Vietnamese schools will start again. To first grade pupils, elementary school is a new and strange environment, hence, they tend to be scared in their first day going to school. Today, Vietnamese Language Studies would like to introduce some methods for parents to help your kids have a good start for their school days!

·         Before the important day, you should give your kids a tour around their new school, so they can start getting familiar with their new teachers, their “second home” with classrooms, playgrounds etc.

·         You should discuss with your children about their study schedules. Enthusiastically guide them and help them picture how interesting a day at school will be.

·         You should gradually change your children living habit. Teach them to sleep early and how to set alarm clock to get up for school. Then, they will be more independent not only at home but also in school when there are activities which they have to do alone. Remember you are not going to school with them!

·         Pretend your house is your kids’ school and play with them. Maybe you can be a teacher discussing with your children about the rules at school and how to behave with their classmates and teachers.

We,Vietnamese Language Studies hopes with our tips your children can have a good time at school!

VLS Team.



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