Learn Vietnamese online – 5 fun facts about Sơn Đòong Cave

Recently, the campaign Save Son Doong is becoming stronger than ever. Therefore, Vietnamese Language Studies have no doubt that foreigners studying Vietnamese online will know about this campaign.  This wonder is one of Vietnamese prides. There are five fun facts about it that not many people know about:

1.      Son Doong was firstly found by a farmer because of… a rain in 1991.

2.      Son Doong cave is big enough to become an airport! It is estimated that the length of this cave is 5km at least, which means its capacity is enough for at least 68 Boeing 777 airplanes.

3.      Son Doong cave is regarded as the Great Wall of Vietnam because of its impressive beauty and enormousness.

4.       When you enter Son Doong cave, you can find your own paradise!

5.      Son Doong cave owns “pearls” which are as big as baseball balls.

VLS Team.


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