Learn Vietnamese online – Lâm Kinh Festival

Vietnamese people particularly respect the past and always commemorate the ones who died in the war for our today independence. That is how Lam Kinh Festival was born – as a way to honor a king’s attempt to fight for our country: king Le Loi. When you study Vietnamese in HCMC, you should go to Thanh Hoa to observe this festival with your own eyes.

In our national liberation history, one of the most outstanding battles belonged to king Le Loi. His Lam Son revolution in 15th century was regarded as the symbol of iron will and determination to defeat the enemy even though they are thousand times stronger than us. We, the latter generations, celebrate Lam Kinh festival annually as a way to commemorate our hero.

Lam Kinh festival is celebrated in Lam Kinh area in Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa city – where Lam Kinh sanctuary and emperor Le’s mausoleum are laid. There is a small temple at Muc Son ferry to worship the king Le Thai To. At this place in the past, every three years on 22nd of August in Moon calendar, king and mandarins in Dong Kinh (Thang Long) had to come here for ceremony.

In this festival, girls and boys will sing and dance in accordance with “ri ren” melody. However, recently locals replace this tradition with the play “Binh Ngo victory” and other traditional forms of activities. Lam Kinh festival ends with impressive drumbeats.

Lam Kinh Festival reminds us and those who learn Vietnamese and understand about our history of our magnanimous battles. These ceremonies are our chances to recall the past and try to live better at the present.

VLS Team.


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