The first Boeing 707 in Vietnam

Every time I go to work, I pass by this plane on Hong Ha Street in HCM city. I always questioned why they leave this plane here, as it looks so old and rusty. But since there has been a lot of news on the internet about how this plane is going to be cut into parts and cleaned up, I think it will be good if I can give you some information about its history.

The Boeing 707 was manufactured by Boeing Airplane Company in 1958, and became the pride of the American people, The plane was the very first jet aircraft, designed with various premium features , with a  capacity of  to 5 times compared to other airplanes of the time, at 156 passengers. This plane was also used by Vietnam Department of Defense to transport government VIPs. When Vietnam finally gained independence, we were really poor and didn’t have enough money to continue to maintain this plane, since the costs very high, abdsome parts were broken and they didn’t have  proper tools or materials to replace it. So the leader of Vietnam Airlines at that time decided to take it to an empty area in Hong Ha Street, Tam Bình Ward (where it is today). It has been there for 30 years, and the engines and passenger seats were taken away, so only the body of this plane still remains. There was even a café shop under this plane’s wing at one point, but the owner had to close it because it didn’t attract lots of customers.

Many people have been asking questions whether they should put this plane in the museum as part of Vietnam Airlines history, or just leave it there, because it has become part of the lives of lots of people living in this area.


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