Learn Vietnamese – Travel to Tien Giang

Tiền Giang is located in the northeast of Cửu Long delta, in the middle of two  big cities, Ho Chi Minh City and CầnThơ. Tiền Giang currently has more than 21 historical locations including RạchGầm- Xoài Mút monument, Vinh Trang pagoda, and Trương Định mausoleum.

Tiền Giang has a rich intangible cultural treasure, consisting  of 17 large and small festivals, including folk festivals, festivals for fishermen, and some local traditions such as worshipping the agricultural God, earth God, and many other gods that local people  believe help them in making a living in this region.

If  you are planning to learn Vietnamese culture, TienGiang is a good place to stop over and explore.

tien giang

Source: http://vlstudies.com/vn/news–events/learn-vietnamese-online/learn-vietnamese—travel-to-tien-giang/722/1


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