Learn Vietnamese with Bánh Căn

Bánh căn is a type of savoury mini pancake which is very popular in the South Central region of Vietnam,especially in Khanh Hoa and Binh Thuan. Bánh căn is a similar shape to bánh khọt, but it is made quite differently. While Bánh khọt uses a fried rice flour, bánh căn is made from grilled rice flour

In order to make bánh căn, you need to have a special type of mould which has holes to set the shape of these pancakes. Because the pancakes are small, they are counted in pairsratherthan as single cakes.. In the middle, they can be given a quick brush of onion oil  or eggs. Bánh căn is rarely served with vegetables, but with green mango, onion and cucumbers.

The sauce is made from fish source mixed with garlic and chilli., Bánh căn is dipped fully into the sauce to eat. Bánh căn through time has spread to many regions of Vietnam. Originally made by Cham people, the technique has been developed to make the dish more creative and unique

banh can

Source: http://vlstudies.com/vn/news–events/learn-vietnamese-online/learn-vietnamese-with-banh-can/721/1


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