Learn Vietnamese with Sour Noodle From Lang Son

Sour noodle is originally from Lang Son. It’s a strange food, which looks fancy and exotic , especially  to  tourists. The dish is both crispy and fleshy due to the  potatoes and peanuts, combined with char siu, chilli and cucumber.. Over the  years, the dish has become a pride, a delicious specialty of Lang Son that everyone should try when travelling to Lang Son. In this Learning Vietnamese‘s topic, we will discover the receipt of Sour Noodle.
sour noodle
The main ingredients include noodles, sweet potatoes, char siu, pork liver, shredded chicken, onion, taro, peanuts, cucumberand sausages. Sour noodle only tastes good if it is mixed with fat from broth. In order to make the broth, a duck is boiled  with water, onion and garlic. After few minutes, tomatoes, vinegar, sugar and ginger are added. The last step is putting flour in the broth to thicken it.
This dish is quite cheap, varying from 25,000vnd to 30,000vnd, and can be found everywhere in Lang Son.

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